This Store Generously Opens Up To Stray Dogs During A Major Heatwave


Mexico can get blisteringly hot in the summertime. In fact, it can get so hot that people can become hospitalized from heat exhaustion. The elderly, sick and unfit can especially suffer. Also, the heat can take a heavy toll on animals of all types and sizes. One kind store clerk did what he could to make the heatwave more bearable for one stray dog. His small act of kindness made a huge difference to the dog.



Adolfo Pazzi Ahumada needed some milk so he headed out to the store at 104°F. When he arrived he saw something that made a big impression on him.



“A stray dog was being fed and getting water from the [store] clerk,” he said. “Then I saw they let the dog inside,” Adolfo asked if the dog was the clerk’s dog. He was told that no, it was not and that they suspected that the dog was a stray or abandoned by someone.


The clerk explained further,

“He has been here the past [few] days. We suspect he was left behind by his owner. He came to us for help. We could only provide him with food, water, and some toys from the store that we paid with our money. We let him inside because the temperature outside is really hell-like.”

He continued, “We feel bad for him, but he looks happier around the store.”



The Dog Needs A Forever Home


The clerk is hopeful that someone will see the dog and want to adopt him. For now, the dog has a safe place to relax and stay cool. But a forever family is what he really needs. Let’s hope that this sweet pup finds the home that all dogs deserve.



“I felt bad for what the dog has passed through,” Adolfo said. “But he is now receiving the love he deserves.”


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