In this home video, a rescue dog and its tiny “back up dancer” go crazy during their adorable jam session


In what seems straight out of an animated movie, happens for real when a dog and little girl have a jam session. This is something that will have to be seen to be believed.


Image Sources: Instagram/buddymercury

Buddy Mercury has the name made for stardom. And a star in the making he is. Buddy Mercury is a beagle-basset hound mix that has found his talent. He plays a mean piano and he has an amazingly cute backup dancer. This duo has captured hearts and become an internet sensation.


Buddy was named after his owner’s favorite star, Queen Freddie Mercury. He lives in Ronkonkoma, Long Island with his human parents, Laurie and Glen Wolfe and baby sister, Eve. Buddy and Eve enjoy forming their own band, having a jam session every chance they get.


Buddy Has Always Been Fascinated By The Pian0


When Buddy first came to live with Laurie and Glen, they noticed that Buddy was intrigued by the piano. He would stand up on his hind legs and press the keys with his front paws. He would also tilt his head back and howl along with the piano sounds. Laurie and Glen say that Buddy is self-taught. This is not a trick that they taught him.



A Basset Hound playing the piano should be plenty enough cuteness all in itself. But with a back up of adorable Eve swaying to the music, this is definitely cuteness overload. You can tell that Eve is also doing this dancing all on her own without being taught. When you put the two together, this is so adorable.



What makes this even more special is that Buddy Mercury is rescued. His human parents hope that this video of him will raise awareness of how awesome rescue pets can be. “We want to help more animals get rescued,” Laurie said. “We only have so much space in our home.”



Take a peek at this video. And then check out your animal shelter next time you are ready to add a furry member to your family. You never know what hidden talents your next dog may have.


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