Infested With Ticks And Wire Embedded In Her Tail–This Stray Puppy Nearly Didn't Make It

Here at Animals Being Cute, we hate to see stories about animals who suffer needlessly. However, until people stop abusing these defenseless beings who only want to love us unconditionally, it’s vital that we keep talking about it. For example, today we are going to talk about Blossom. When rescuers found Blossom, she was nearly dead from a tick infestation.


Rescuers came across this dog, not in someone’s house, but right on the street. She was right out in plain sight. Every day hundreds of people passed by Blossom and, even though she was obviously in distress, no one helped.

Well, almost no one helped, until it was nearly too late. It’s shocking that people can see an animal in such distress and just keep walking.

Luckily, a volunteer from RescuePet located her just in the nick of time.

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Honestly, when we say they discovered this sweet girl in the nick of time, that is no joke. Veterinarians say that she was on the streets for weeks, maybe even months. Her condition was heartbreaking.

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Somehow, Blossom had a wire from a chain embedded in her tail. It was on there for so long, and wound so tightly, that it made her tail swell horribly. Sadly, they could not save it.

As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, Blossom had thousands of ticks crawling on and biting her. There were so many ticks that when they did a blood test, they realized she would not have lived much longer if they had not found her. The reason for that was because her blood was so thin from all the bites.

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They got to work right away on little Blossom. After they amputated her tail, they also gave her a blood transfusion to replace everything those nasty ticks took. Once the blood was on board, they went to work and removed as many ticks as they could.

One by one, assistants removed the nasty ticks. It is a tedious, stressful, and challenging undertaking to get that many ticks off of an animal. For Blossom, it took about a week for her caretakers to remove every single one, even the dead ones.

It was about that time that Blossom’s personality started to shine.

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Blossom’s transformation was mind-blowing. As is the case with many rescued animals, she is a total sweetheart. Not to mention, just look at her, she’s is utterly gorgeous.

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Blossom quickly made friends with many people at the shelter and gained a few adoring fans.

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To everyone’s delight, she also got along well with all the other dogs.

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The best news, though, is that it took no time at all to find Blossom a forever home. Sadly, we don’t have any photos of her with her new family, but we are confident that she’s fat, happy, loved, and tick-free.

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Please, don’t just pass an animal you see in need. Even if you don’t have time to help, call someone. Keep a few numbers for local rescues right on your phone for easy access. With technology these days, there’s no excuse. If you see something, say something.

Watch Blossom’s stunning transformation below.

Featured Image via YouTube Video

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