Injured And Freezing Benny Was Left To Die In The Woods Along With His Secret

In Dallas, Texas, Leslie Ysuhuaylas works with the Underdog Project to help feed strays. With this job, she became no stranger to crazy pet owners.

When she spotted a two-year-old Sharpei mix, Benny, she saw him left in way below freezing temperatures, 20 degrees to be exact. Seeing this, she knew she needed to act fast.

She found Benny in an area where they often find abandoned pets. Many owners callously leave their pets behind in this spot as a dumping ground. As she approached Benny, she saw a deep cut on his left side. Benny was shivering and terrified, not knowing what was happening and why his owner abandoned him.

As things already looked bad, Leslie noticed something even worse not too far away.

To her surprise, she saw another injured abandoned dog. Both were freezing and scared, and it brought Leslie to tears. How could someone do this to these poor precious pups who only know how to love?

She contacted another rescue group, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, for help. That’s when things started looking up for the two dogs. A spokesperson from the rescue center said:

“When we discovered Benny in the box in critical condition there was another dog next to him who we suspect had been living in this area unprotected for weeks, freezing to death right beside Benny.”

With hope, the two are receiving veterinary care and are expected to recover fully. The good news is there are many people out there like Leslie to stop this from happening and save these poor babies from something they didn’t deserve. If this story doesn’t get you to adopt, we don’t know what will!

Luckily, Leslie found these two pups and she will continue to fight for them and other abandoned pets. Share if you are glad she found them!

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