Injured Dog Hides Out in Ditch for Weeks, Until They Discover Her While Biking

Imagine being hit by a car. Then with nowhere to turn you hide out in a ditch. Suffering from pain and injuries, a dog did just that for several weeks, just barely surviving until she was found by a couple who were out for a bicycle ride.

Łukasz Muniowski was bicycling with his wife Natalie when something caught their eyes on the side of the road by a drainage tube.  A little terrier looking dog was hiding in there next to the drainage, apparently hit by a car or possibly caught in a hunting trap. When Muniowski and his wife approached her, the frightened dog ran with a limp into the tube.  When he reached in to help the dog out, the little victim put his paws on his Savior’s hands. An instant bond was created at that moment.  The couple took him to the vet to discover that the injuries were not new, and at least 3 to possibly 4 weeks old. One of her legs needed to be amputated. At this point, the couple was in it for the long haul and were dedicated to helping the unfortunate creature.

After being fixed up at the vets, the couple took the dog home.  They named her Bobbie and the rest is history. Now that Bobbie is in her forever home, safe from traffic and culvert ditches, she is thriving.  Bobbie has a new canine friend and a family member named Leon who is also a rescued dog.  After all of that, the kindest of dogs would have every reason to retreat into their own world, not Bobbie. “She’s very loving and kind,” says Muniowski.

Bobbie and Leon cuddling.

What a blessing that Bobbie was spotted that day at just the right time as the couple rode by.  This is a win win situation for both human and canine.

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