Injured Dog Wanders Onto His Porch He Rushes To Vet, His Heart Breaks At The Results

The world can be a rough place. Sometimes all you can do is your best and hope you are making the right decisions. That’s exactly what an injured dog did. Betsy had been badly hurt but took a chance that she’d receive the help that she badly needed at a home in the middle of nowhere. She walked into a man’s porch not knowing what would happen next. It turns out that it was the best decision of her life. She found help and found her forever family!

Joe Sullivan and his family live out away from other houses in Northern Mississippi.  An injured dog was the last thing that he ever expected to see show up on his front porch.  Sullivan took compassion on the dog like any good Samaritan would.  He took the dog to the vet. When they asked what they should call the dog for their records, he could only think of one name. Hence, he said to call her Betsy.

Betsy had multiple cuts and bruises.  The doctor said that it looked like she had been in a car accident at some point in the past. It was also found that she must have been out fending for herself for a long time.  In addition to all of the visible wounds, she also had a fractured hip and nerve damage.

Home Sweet Home

Sullivan decided to take the dog into his home forever. His other dogs who normally don’t accept dogs every easily gladly took Betsy in.  Furthermore, she has now recovered from her injuries and is a happy girl living on lots of acreage at her new country home.

Betsy is greatly loved with her new family.  You can see the difference just from the photos.  She’s come so far.  From a scared and injured dog with nowhere to turn to a safe a place to be, Betsy is now home.

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