Innocent dog gets burned by a horrible person


There are some really evil people in this world. The kind of people that have no regard to living beings deserve to rot in jail, especially whoever did the following.


Dogs are some of the most loving and innocent creatures on this planet. But his previous owner decided to do some extremely awful things to him. In Virginia at Abner Clay Par, rescuers found a Pitbull whos body was 40% burned. And it was no accident; law enforcement said it was clearly purposeful.


Richmond Animal Care and Control posted this after they found the burned dog:


“We need your help. Last night (2/10/19) at 7:30 pm a male brindle pit bull with a camo collar was tied to a pole in Abner Clay Park off the 200 Block of W Clay Street covered in accelerant and intentionally set on fire.”


So many people were disturbed by this. A veterinarian by the name of Amber Carter comments,


“Seriously hope they find the person who hurt this poor boy! I met him last night while at work and all night he wagged his tail and wanted someone to just love on him!”

Because this touched so many people’s hearts, the community raised enough money to pay for the medical bills for the burned dog. Also, they raised extra money as a reward for someone to find the evil person who did the act. 10,000 would be rewarded to the person who would find the criminal.


Recently the shelter adds,


“It’s not great. He is stable but new burn wounds have presented and old wounds have worsened and almost his entire body is now affected. His pain is being managed and he’s comfortable but our plans for treatment are changing.”

Please if you have any information, reach out to this rescue. They need our help. They need to catch the evil person who did this so that it never happens again.

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