Inseparable trio was dumped on the side of a road and left to fend for themselves


Three little dogs were believed to have been dumped on a street side by their owner. The ending for these innocent creatures could have been starvation, injury or death, but thankfully caring people contacted Hope For Paws who were able to rescue them.


A person noticed the threesome hiding and looking scared in a city neighborhood. Volunteers at Hope For Paws arrived on the scene to help. But getting the dogs into their vehicle wasn’t as easy as just opening the car door and having them jump in. The dogs have been let down by humans and most likely have lost trust in humankind for the time being.



The Frightened Dogs Started To Trust The Rescuers


This was not the first rescue that Hope For Paws has helped with. They came armed, armed with a cheeseburger that is. It didn’t take long for the hungry dogs to eat the cheeseburger treats that were offered. What took a bit longer was to get a leash around each dog. But with kindness and patience, the volunteers did indeed get each dog rescued. They started with the first two dogs who were obviously more anxious than the 3rd dog. Once caught, a kind neighbor let Hope For Paws bring the two dogs into their house while the last dog followed her dog family in.


This rescue has been captured on film for all to enjoy. After enjoying the successful rescue below, you may want to consider donating to Hope For Paws by clicking here. Hope for Paws is a non-profit animal rescue organization. They rescue dogs and all other animals who are in need both on the streets and in shelters. Hope For Paws is an organization that you can trust donating to. They have been rescuing animals since 2008. Presently Hope For Paws has almost 3 million subscribers and over 660,000,000 views on their YouTube Channel.


Nice save by Hope For Paws! Check out this successful rescue that was caught on Video:


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