Internet Finds 'Pouty Pup' A New Home, His Before And After Photo Will Make Your Day

If you enjoy watching make overs and like watching the transformation on people’s faces and how they carry themselves with more confidence when they are redone, you are going to love this story. This is a dog’s version of a make over.

A woman visited the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter and saw this adorable but sad looking pup waiting for a forever home. She took this photo and then posted it on Social Media with the caption “This little guy waiting for his new family to pick him up.”  She also included that his name was Mack and added that the “Pouty Hippo” was looking for a home.

That’s all it took for this Pouty Hippo to take the internet by storm. People began liking and sharing the post.  Social Media is great for getting the word out about such things as this.  Just 7 days later, Mack, the Pouty Hippo Pup showed up again but this time with a big smile on his face with the news that he had been adopted.

The new owner wrote that her dog now had a new name to go along with his new home. He would from this moment forward go by the name Frank the Tank.

“I will provide all the belly rubs and cuddles I possibly can” she added.

It’s amazing what happens when people get together and share a need on social media. With so much negativity out there.  It’s so heartwarming to see social media being used to find this sweet dog a forever home.

A picture is worth a thousand words, then these two photos are worth two thousand words.  Just look at those before and after photos.

Congratulations to Frank the Tank and the same to his new human family and canine buddy.

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