Irish dog sets off on a journey to Dublin alone, begins nationwide search


It is not a new thing for someone to jump a train and hitch a free ride. Even though it is illegal, it’s been going on for as long as trains have been invented. This story is about one of those train jumpers, but of the canine type, not human.


Somewhere between Sallins and Dublin, a dog jumped onboard a train. Thankfully, instead of just sending the dog off the train, the train staff took him into their care.  “As you can see, he’s very relaxed. A very chilled out little dog,” said Ted Maher, the Irish Railways employee who took care of the little dog. He also said that the dog was a “Perfect little guy. All of the guys in this office looked after him brilliantly, brought him in. A lot of lads lost sandwiches.”


Photo: Facebook/ My Lovely Horse Rescue

While the dog was being cared for, other staff searched for his owner by posting information on social media. Because the dog needed a name, Maher started to call him Hamish. While the search was going on for Hamish’s owner, he was taken to My Lovely Horse Rescue where Maher worked as a volunteer.


Photo: Facebook/ My Lovely Horse Rescue

Hamish seemed to enjoy his time at the sanctuary. Even though he was smaller than the other animals there, he kept active by playing and going for walks with the staff. All the while, the internet search continued.


Owner Found!


Four days had passed since Hamish boarded the train. It was a Sunday and the little dog’s family was found! On the Facebook page, it was posted, “The adventures of Hamish/Tyson have come to a happy end.” That’s right, the little dog’s given name was Tyson and he was very missed by his family.


Photo: Facebook/ My Lovely Horse Rescue

Now with a fan base, a Facebook post was added stating, “He had a great adventure and met so many new people along the way. The nation’s little dog with a huge personality” that “touched so many people’s heart and gave us something other than Brexit to listen to on the news.”


Photo: Facebook/ My Lovely Horse Rescue

Tyson’s family has taken a precaution of microchipping the little traveler, just in case, he tries to jump a train again.

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