It's This K-9's Last Call Ever And He Knows It –Watch His Adorable Reaction To Retirement

Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer and his dedicated K-9 Faust have spent the past eight years committed to keeping their community safe. The pair set off for work just like any other typical day together. This day was anything but ordinary. This was Faust’s very last day as a K-9 officer for the police department.

Schaffer knew that the day would be an emotional one all around and Faust certainly delivered.


This dynamic duo has worked as a team, and they have seen it all together over the past eight years. Faust and Schaffer worked on the Certified Explosives Detection team. This incredibly brave duo are the ones that show up when a suspicious package could be a bomb.

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Over the years, these two officers have gone into what could be a blast radius together to keep the rest of us intact. Doing that day after day is one of the bravest things I can even imagine.


All too soon it was time for that last call. As officer Schaffer calls in to honor Faust, you can see in the video below he reacted to the words. As soon as the lady on the radio said, “Faust, we thank you for your service,” you can see him perk up, give a little whine, and then kiss his partner.

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Faust totally understood what was going on.

Schaffer later posted about his former partner on Facebook to thank him even further for being such an excellent companion.

“Faust, thank you for all the good you have done for BNSF and other agencies – but mostly I thank you for getting us both home safe after every shift.”


So, what’s next for the former police dog?

I am happy to announce that Faust is now a permanent member of Officer Schaffer’s family. It turns out that Faust gets to stay with his best friend. This time around, though, there will be way more balls and not so many bombs.

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Thank you to both officers for your bravery and your service. Watch the adorable video below and make sure to share it with your friends to put a smile on their face too.

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