Japanese Dog Groomer Takes Pooches To New Levels With Clever Creations


If you have a dog as a best friend, you already know that they like to groom themselves. However, when it comes to grooming, dogs usually tend to be somewhat, shall we say…free form. And sometimes even the best-intentioned dog is a bit well, stinky.

Kind of like this guy (or gal) below:


Does this dog need a new 'do?
Image by anuradhaspudlar via Pixabay

We’ve all seen that dog. Heck, we’ve all been that dog

And this is where pet groomer extraordinaire Yoriko Hamachiyo has come into her own. At her shop Yorikokoro, based on Honshu Island, Japan, Hamachiyo turns disheveled dogs into canine works of art. And adorable is the word here.

You can hardly get much cuter than this:

昨日は雑誌の撮影でした📷✨(犬のヘアカタログ) ごまちゃん 緊張でよだれが💦 娘のみっちゃんが作った帽子を乗せました。 息子のあーちゃんからは無い方が可愛いと不評🙅‍♂️ 私はどっちも可愛い💕  この写真は私が撮ったものです😅  撮影中、電話に出られずすみませんでした🙏🙇‍♀️ 仕事中✂︎も電話に出られない事が多いのでメールだと助かります。  #トイプードル #ごまちゃん #羊カット #進化系 #手作り帽子 #太ってないよ #見た目はおデブなんですけど #unique #poodle #roundanimals #dog #cute

A post shared by Yoriko Hamachiyo ⋆* 濱千代 頼子 (@yorikokoro) on

Or this:

If you’re feeling ambitious, Hamachiyo can even groom your dog to match your garden:

What Yoriko likes to do most is to transform the bedraggled into the beautiful, Bored Panda notes. And sometimes she likes to accessorize the pooches too.

So a dog goes from the dregs to the dazzling:

Image by Yorikokoro via Instagram

And as far as accessories go, Hamachiyo uses bandannas…

…And bows…

…And even more bows

Sometimes doggos even get a touch of color

There’s not much information at how Hamachiyo fashions these doggie hairstyles, but they are cute and less weird-looking than a recent fashion trend in Japan: Dogs that looked rather, well, square.

And as for that decidedly not square perfectly round beach ball of fluff we mentioned above? Well, it turns out that her name is Sesame, and the little teacup poodle has gained quite a following, thanks to Hamachiyo’s Instagram photos, MailOnline reports. Groomed to look like a sheep, this little dog has charmed lots of people.

As you can see by the number of likes on her photos below.

Truly, this is one seriously adorable dog!

Featured image by Yorikokoro via Instagram

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