Seals Show Journalist How Much They Appreciated Her Help.

Being a journalist can be one of the most informing jobs. The amount of information they get from taking observations from things around them is truly amazing. Journalists get to see the good and the not so good and then report about the event. Although they have to see the bad things in life, they also get to see the really beautiful things in life, which most definitely outway the bad.

Charlie Bird can attest to this. He has reported on some pretty harsh events, but recently the journalist had a life-changing experience. The Irish journalist discussed his time spent with elephant baby seals. In the video below you can see how much he enjoys hanging out with the babies. Bird comments,

This must be one of the most remarkable things I have done in my life. This is just wonderful.

During his experience the seals made the man feel at home while with them. After several minutes with the seals, Bird lies down. Almost immediately the babies start to scootch closer and closer to the journalist. Suddenly one begins to cuddle with Bird. Bird is almost speechless; he can barely fathom that he is cuddling with a baby seal.

Smiling ear to ear, all Bird can say is,


He truly became one with the seals. This beautiful moment was fortunately documented. After making this remarkable connection with the seals, he won’t be able to forget it. Not only did the journalist get to do his job that day, but he also had a once in a lifetime experience that will forever be a part of him. One day Bird hopes to go back and visit his new found friends.

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