Joyous Reunion Between Owner And Dog Who Disappeared 3 Years Ago

When his sweet dog Jorge disappeared in Tbilisi, Georgia (a country that connects Europe and Asia), Giorgi Bereziani, 62, put up ads and spent days looking and looking and asking for help, but his efforts proved fruitless. That was in 2015, and he’d nearly given up hope that he would ever see his canine companion again, Metro reports.

Jorge, Giorgi Bereziani’s dog. Image by Happiest

His Dog Disappeared Three Years Ago

He thought all was lost. Then, in early October 2018, something truly wonderful and almost unbelievable happened, Happiest reports.

An employee at the local opera house noticed a dog that looked quite a lot like Bereziani’s. The dog was resting just outside her shop on Rustaveli Avenue, so she called Giorgi. He could hardly believe what he heard.

Lucky for us, the reunion was caught on video.

We see Jorge resting under a street tree as Giorgi approaches.

“It looks so much like him, can you see him?”

Jorge realizing he’d finally been found. Image by Metro via ViralHog/YouTube video

Giorgi moves closer.

“Can you see him? Here at the base of the tree. Jorge?” Bereziani asks, the excitement in his voice audible. “Jorge, it is you!”

The black-and-white dog pokes his head up and seems a little confused at first. He’s a little cautious at first (not everyone is kind to street dogs after all) and walks over to this man who’s calling to him. After a couple of tentative sniffs, we see the ecstatic tail-wagging begin. Now Jorge is leaping, realizing he’s been found and he’s going to get to go home.

This is what real joy looks like. Screenshot via ViralHog via YouTube video

He’d disappeared all those years ago

Now he was found.

“Aw sweet boy, how are you boy?” Giorgi says. “What is it? What do you want? Sweet boy.”

In the three years since he disappeared, a yellow tag on his ear made it clear he was at least receiving some care. The tag shows he was taken in by animal control workers, neutered and given the vaccinations he needed. And I know exactly how Giorgi feels. Exactly 10 months ago, our cat Chauncey disappeared. After so much time had passed, we were convinced he was dead. Then he popped his head in the door three weeks ago and we were ecstatic.

Welcome home, Chauncey! Image by the author. All rights reserved

I’m not a believer in miracles, but I have to admit this comes pretty close.

You can watch Giorgi reunite with his sweet dog in the heartwarming video below.

Featured image by Happiest

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