Judge Judy Settles Stolen Dog Case Releases The Dog In The Courtroom, He Picks His Owner

TV Celebrity Judge Judy gets some tough cases to crack.  All are entertaining and some are downright funny to watch. This case might leave you in tears like it did me.

A dog named ‘Baby Boy’ was a stolen dog and then resold for profit.  The new owner claimed she did not know that the dog was stolen.  She also says that she is now “attached to the dog”.

With the humans in the courtroom claiming, defending and arguing the case, it was getting nowhere.  What Judge Judy does next though has taken the internet by storm. She requests that the dog is brought into the courtroom. Then she orders the dog to be put down on the floor.

Baby Boy, without hesitation, runs up to his original owner with tail wagging.  Baby Boy can hardly contain himself with joy.  The dog looks like he desperately hopes that the man will be as happy to see him as he is to see his human.

“That’s All. Take the Dog Home.”

Upon seeing the happy reunion the new owner says “He does that to everybody.”  Judge Judy responds that Baby Boy is,  “His Dog.  You can pick him up.  That’s all. Take the dog home.”

Meanwhile, the man is in tears, looking so happy to be reunited with his sweet little dog.

In a day and age when animals don’t have much of a voice when it comes to making decisions, this is so heartwarming to witness.

This is also a good reminder that it’s a good idea to microchip your pet.  Had Baby Boy had a microchip embedded in him, he could have come home much sooner.  Microchipping is not expensive and it’s an in and out procedure.  It’s definitely worth considering.

But for now, enjoy this emotionally packed video of Baby Boy getting reunited with his grieving owner.

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