Hero Jumps in Frozen Pond to Save a Tiny Dog

Australian Cold Day Out

In Perth, Australia, a little dog named Benji was out on his daily walk with his mum, except on this particular day he wasn’t interested in just walking around the pond. On this day, Benji decided he wanted to play with those things over there, the things with wings called ducks.

He didn’t realize that what he was running out on was a layer of ice and not grass that was covered in snow, though. Joan Murphy, aged 73, is Benji’s mum. She said her and Benji go for a walk every morning and feed the ducks; he had never bothered with the winged guys before.

She thinks that Benji got confused because of the colder weather and said he had never seen snow before.

“I was throwing the seeds to the ducks and the next thing I know he was running about on the ice,” said Murphy

Then she saw him run onto the ice and she started “screaming and screaming” for someone to please help her little dog. Benji is a Shit-Zhu mix and is therefore really little. When he broke through the ice, she started to panic.

‘He’s A Goner’

Murphy said she saw her fur baby go under the water twice and she said she lost it. There were a couple of men standing nearby who were watching the whole thing go down and commenting that the dog was a goner for sure (how heartless and rude that they didn’t help).

Except along came a man who said, no he isn’t.

Jim Sinclair was also in the park that day walking his own fur baby. He heard Murphy shouting for help and ran over to see what he could do. He got to the edge just in time to see Benji’s little head dip under the surface of the water.

“I saw the bubbles coming up. Some men standing nearby were just watching saying ‘that dog’s finished.’ I was like, no he’s not,” said Sinclair.

Sinclair found a boulder that would work and used it to smash the ice. He was then able to wade out into the water, which came up to his waist and walked out to grab the shivering pooch. He then brought Benji back to shore to greet his very relieved mum and get some much-needed hugs.

“I just did what any other dog lover would do,” said Sinclair.

The man who saved the dog handed him back to his mum, grabbed his own pet, and simply walked away. He said he had to get to work.

“I was fine afterwards, but my trousers froze solid as I was walking away. I just went home, got changed, and went off to work,” Sinclair told reporters.

As a matter of fact, they had to search to find Sinclair so that Murphy could thank him properly. After she got Benji home, dried off and warmed back up again, she was so relieved that the man had saved her pet that she had her son locate Sinclair using social media.

Benji has fully recovered from his ordeal, and his mum reports that he won’t be going back near any ice ever again.

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