Just Another Day At The Beach, Until They Look Closer Then They Are In Shock

As we all start heading to the beaches we often forget that the oceans are home to hundreds of species.   We forget this fact, frankly, because we are having too much fun swimming, surfing and building castles to worry about the animals living there.

Depending on which ocean you are going to we should take caution when entering the water because beneath our feet there is a whole world that we never even see.  Sharks could be lurking, jellyfish swimming, crabs just waiting to nip at your foot. Even whales can choose to breach the water just feet from our eyes without warning.

Lucky for us although unpleasant surprises may occur sometimes.  We are spectators to some really awesome sights too.

The video below was caught with a drone, it shows what looks to be at least a dozen or so shadows in the water. As people play on the beach the shadows appear just beyond where they are walking.

Are they even aware of the beauty that is just a few feet from them?!

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen friendly dolphins get this close to shore. Check out the awesome footage of the dolphins near Australia.  It looks like they are having a blast and just needed some time to ride a few waves.

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