Just Stop It – This Adorable Puppy Banned From Party Just Because Of Her Breed

Dear readers, we here at Animals Being Cute fight for animals, and want nothing more than to see all four-legged creatures treated with love, dignity, and respect. It’s vital for us to fight back against disinformation and ignorance continuously.

Until things like the story you are about to read stop happening, we will never stop doing everything in our power to get the truth out about Pitt Bulls. Sadly, the puppy you are about to meet was barely nine months old before he faced this hateful discrimination.

And you aren’t going to believe who it was. The campaign, however, sparked by this incident was far-reaching and beautiful.


Of all the places to discriminate against a breed, Petsmart would be the last on my list of guesses. However, I would have been wrong because, sadly, Petsmart was the culprit this time.

Ashley Yanez took her adorable nine-week-old Pitt Bull puppy named Blu to an event held at their local Petsmart. She was being a responsible pet mom and attempting to get Blu to socialize and play with other dogs. Just like you’re supposed to do.

Image via Ashley Yanez

When they arrived at the store, however, management told Ashley that she and Blu would have to leave. The reason? Blue is a Pitt Bull. That’s it. They never even gave little Blu a chance.


Ashley couldn’t believe it! Apparently, Petsmart does allow Pitt Bulls into the store, but there are exceptions. The store has a policy that bans “bully breeds or any mix of, or any pets that exhibit aggressive behaviors” from participating in the off-leash or group play activities.

Image via Ashley Yanez

So, automatically, Blu, my Sophie girl, and all dogs like them, are right in there alongside already aggressive dogs in that policy. They don’t even give them a chance. Sadly, it’s automatically assumed that they are already aggressive.

Image via Ashley Yanez


Puppy parties should be for all puppies. This policy could not be more unfair to Ashley and Blu and Pitties everywhere. Ashley, for her part, took to social media.

Image via Ashley Yanez

“I’m so shocked but so happy that Pitt Bull Awareness is being brought to our attention,” Ashley told BuzzFeed. “Pitt Bulls are dogs too and need to socialize to have a healthy lifestyle.”

Blu was so ready for the party and she wasn’t allowed bc she’s a pitbull fuck petsmart pic.twitter.com/XWkjyz8GNt

— (@ashleanin) May 5, 2018

Petsmart reached out to Ashley. The company tried to quiet her with a silly offer but didn’t say a thing about changing the hateful policy.


Ashley wasn’t having any of it, however, and came back with a response of her own.

Then, people everywhere also came to Blu’s defense in the most beautiful way.


Then, Pitt Bull owners everywhere posted the cutest photos ever of their “vicious” fur babies to encourage Ashley and Blu.

Tell Blu she can come play with Ro any time❤️ pic.twitter.com/1b11gvk08X

— Plushie (@plushmacarons) May 5, 2018

There were even invitations to play dates.

My vicious pitbull pic.twitter.com/ZBkzHsvV1f

— Zach? ❌ (@ZachMatthews34) May 6, 2018


— taltigolt (@ZZCOOL) May 7, 2018

Let’s partyyyy pic.twitter.com/ygT4dWJHL5

— sam oxendine‼️ (@MoneyTeam_Sam) May 5, 2018

and my “vicious” pit bull astro pic.twitter.com/ybXLoj1AgN

— A. (@_aypapii_) May 5, 2018


Ashley, joined by myself and Pitt Bull owners everywhere have boycotted Petsmart. I won’t go back until they change this hateful policy. Our fur babies deserve much better than that.

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Feature Image via Ashley Yanez

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