K-9 Officer Honored By His Partner in Last Radio Call After 8 Years of Service

It was business as usual when K-9 Faust clambered into the squad car with Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer. K-9 Faust was about to retire. Schaffer and Faust are certified in the Explosives Detection and Patrol. Over the years they have responded to hundreds of calls together. However, this day was a little different.

retired-k-9-final-call-9810404 Image via screen capture from video via YouTube

After eight years and one day of service on the job, it was time for K-9 Faust to hang up his badge. He had become accustomed to the seat in the police car when he travels to work with his human partner. He recognizes the familiar sounds over the radio, Faust’s ears instantly perk up.

This call would be Faust’s last call of duty.

This bittersweet moment was caught on the dashboard cam. Special Agent Schaffer radios into dispatch. The response back leaves us all emotional. After Special Agent Schaffer sends out Faust’s last call, a female’s voice speaks back to him over the radio. Faust gets cuddled by his partner as the dispatcher gives the canine his last call.

Later, on his Facebook page, Schaffer writes a special note to his canine partner;

“Thank you for getting us both home safe after every shift.”

The bond Faust and Schaffer formed will be missed during active duty. This retired K-9 companion left a long-lasting impression on his human partner. Now Faust can enjoy his retirement and the rest of his doggy days in peace. He will be greatly missed by everyone on the Explosives Detection and Patrol team.

“Faust thank you for your service to the BNSF Railway. The community you served, and most importantly for serving and protecting your handler. Faust, we wish you a long, healthy and happy retirement. Radio clear.”

The emotion felt over the small clip is sure to move everyone to tears. Have a great retirement Faust!

Featured Image via screen capture from video via YouTube

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