K9 Gets Shot In The Line Of Duty, His Story Inspires Many Others To Do What's Right

Every day a police officer is on duty they risk their lives and it’s no different for their furry partners. Police dogs exhibit courage and tact during every pursuit.  Countless lives have been saved due to their bravery.K9 officers encounter the same life-threatening situation as police officers on the job, including the risk of being shot. One K9 made the ultimate sacrifice.

Bruno was shot in his face while in pursuit. However, it was no accident—this K-9 put himself in front of other officers to take the bullet while approaching a trash can the suspect was hiding behind.

This was a completely selfless act on the German Shepard’s part.  His instincts and bravery saved his partner and other officers.   The suspect was killed in the shootout.

But Bruno’s condition was not looking good. His partner, Officer RJ Young was obviously upset about his canine companion.

“Bruno was shot point blank, it was a horrific thing to have to watch. My entire world came tumbling down in the matter of a second,” Young stated.

The dog’s jaw was shattered, and the bullet also entered his chest cavity.

Despite the grim prognosis, Bruno miraculously survived the massive injury. Luckily, the bullet only grazed his heart.

Bruno had to undergo numerous surgeries but the moment he was reunited with RJ it was is nothing but tears of joy.

Even though Bruno was set to retire from his service as a police dog, Young wasn’t ready to let go of his courageous friend.

Officer Young decided to adopt Bruno, and he immediately became a big part of his loving family.

“He’s like a son to me. Bruno will be with me for the rest of my life,” Young admitted.

Bruno made the ultimate sacrifice putting himself in harm’s way to help his partner.  Share with friends to honor Bruno’s bravery.  Here’s to you, Bruno!

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