K9 Sees Officer Struggle Fighting Off Criminal-She Can't Wait Anymore And Jumps Into Action

A Belgian Malinois Police Dog named Lex is responsible for helping to apprehend a runaway suspect and possibly saving the life of a Deputy Sheriff who was being beaten during the incident.

The Deputy was responding to a call.  A man was trespassing, but when the deputy approached the man, the suspect ran away.  The deputy pursued him on foot and over a fence.  When the officer got separated from his K9 partner, Lex. The Deputy caught the man, a brutal fight broke out. The man began punching, biting and strangling the deputy.  Lex was on the other side of the fence separated from his commander.  He could not help until he unlatched the gate.  Once reunited with his human partner and seeing him under attack, Lex put his expert training into action.   Lex helped the deputy to apprehend the man.

Adams County released this statement on their Facebook page about their canine hero,

“Our deputies view canine Lex as a hero for saving the day. We appreciate everyone in the K-9 Unit and their hard work to keep us safe.”  The Deputy was taken to the hospital and is recovering from his minor injuries. The outcome could have been worse had it not been for Lex coming to his partner’s aid.

Lex is 3 years old and has been on the force since February of 2015. In addition to unlatching gates, Lex is certified in narcotics and police patrol through the Colorado Police Canine Association, and National Police Canine Association is also known as NPCA.

Thanks to Lex and dogs like him, our cities and communities are safer places to live.  They are true heroes.

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