Kangaroo Shows Up In Her Backyard But That’s Not All He Does, Try Not To Laugh


When Anita Kuhberger woke up, she thought it was a normal morning. Like any other morning, she got out of bed and performed her daily morning routine. This particular day was different. Anita had a visitor and not just any visitor, but a kangaroo!


This wasn’t the first time Anita saw one of these cute creatures in her backyard. There had been many times that kangaroos have come to visit her backyard.


This time the situation was different.


Although it looked like the other kangaroos, it was different because it decided to do something extremely out of the ordinary.


Anita’s new visitor was on a mission to swing on the families backyard swing. In the video, you can observe the little guy trying countless times to get onto the swing. But none of his attempts work. Time after time he tried but nothing good happened for this sweet kangaroo.


Clearly, kangaroos should stick with hopping and not swinging!


The event was quite the show for her and her family. Luckily, Anita captured the funny moment and posted it on her Facebook page for the whole world to see. People’s reaction to the kangaroo was priceless. Anita notes,

We have a lot of kangaroos that frequent the property but I have never seen any of the kangaroos do this before.

After his many attempts of getting on the swing, the friendly animal continued to jump around, which is what its best at. Even though the kangaroo couldn’t get on the swing, it did not let that stop it from having fun! Anita adds,

After the camera stopped, he still hadn’t finished playing. He hopped around the yard very quickly a few times, something that I have seen them playfully do before.

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Posted by Anita Kuhberger on Friday, July 27, 2018

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