Kenny Chesney Bought A Plane To Rescue Over 100 Dogs Stranded On Island After Hurricane

As if country music star Kenny Chesney wasn’t cool enough, he just got even cooler.

Chesney chartered a plane to the Virgin Islands to help rescue dogs that were displaced during Hurricane Irma and then had them flown into the United States for adoption.

Chesney lives in Tennessee but owns a home on the island of St. John.  It would have been easy for the star to look the other way, but Chesney has a heart for animals.  In addition, Chesney used not only his money to make this rescue happen.  But he was also there to help load and send the dogs on their way.

This story is so refreshing to read.  Sometimes with the lifestyles of the rich and famous all you hear about is breakups and gossip.  To know that there are stars that use their fame and fortune to help others is so uplifting.

Many of those pets most likely would have died, as they had to food, clean water source nor shelter.  And this is not to mention all of the dangers that lurk around after a devastation like Hurricane Irma.  There are power lines down, and countless other dangers that animals could walk into and hurt or kill themselves on.

It’s a Good Time to Adopt

Call your local shelter or better yet take a visit to one.  Your future best furry friend may just be waiting for you there.

Thank you, Kenny Chesney and the countless others who gave of their resources and time to help the animals.

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