Kind Dog Finds A Bird Stuck On His Porch – You Won’t Believe What Happened Next


The relationships that take place between animal species can be a complex thing to understand. Some dogs will kill cats that they don’t see as family members, often because cats are seen as a predator threat. And then you have the relationship between cats and birds. Felines will often prey upon birds. Let’s take a look at a very special and compassionate dog named Gus and what happened when he decided to help out a wild bird.



Gus was being his playful self when he noticed that a small bird was trapped on the porch. The sweet dog seemed to display a caring attitude when he came to the bird’s rescue. Gus’s kindness was captured on video and then shared for all to see. His rescue went viral and has been loved by many.


Jennifer, Gus’s owner, spoke out and explained how her dog is an expert at rescuing animals.

“Over the years we’ve had several birds get trapped on the porch (the door is open during the day for the dogs). Gus is very skilled at the gentle catch and release!”


I wonder how many dogs would help a bird out the way that Gus did. One situation is when a dog knows a pet bird, but it’s another situation when a wild bird is rescued by a dog. I imagine this kind of behavior is rare. Whatever the case may be, one bird is alive and free today, thanks to Gus who showed compassion upon the bird. It truly is beautiful to watch when animals care for each other. I hope that you will enjoy the following video! Maybe Gus’s act of kindness will even rub off onto humankind.


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