Kind Pitbull Can’t Fall Asleep Without His Best Friend By His Side


Dogs can develop some of the strongest bonds with children. Maybe it’s the protective nature that takes over. Or maybe kids are just more honest and open, more so than most adults. Dogs are pretty honest too. Whatever the case may be, the bond between a family dog and a child is a beautiful thing to witness. Let’s take a look at a little girl and her adorable and loyal Pittie.



Scarlett loves her 99-pound rescue pit bull, and from looking at the photos the feeling is mutual from Lebowski, her dog. Lebowski came into their life from Priceless Pet Rescue four years ago. “When Scarlett met Lebowski, she was 4 and he was 10 weeks,” Jennifer Geiger said. “She was so smitten with his cute face and loved everything about her puppy! I’d say they both took to each other immediately.”


When Scarlette was little, Lebowski followed her everywhere. They played dress-up, had tea parties and he supervised her homework time.


Little Scarlette and Her Pittie Sleep Right Next To Each Other. And it’s adorable!


“Lebowski has curled up to nap by Scar since we first brought him home,” Geiger explained. “They’ve passed out on the couch together countless times.”



Lebowski decided early on in his life that he should sleep by his girl. When he was 8 months old he would sneak into Scarlette’s room to be with her. “I’d panic because there were times I’d wake up in the middle of the night and could not find him,” Geiger said. Upon further investigation, she would find Lebowski sleeping right next to Scarlette.


One night Geiger peeked into Scarlett’s room and saw Lebowski snuggled up beside her. “He made himself cozy by her side and he hasn’t stopped since,” Geiger said.



As Scarlette and Lebowski grew in stature, so did their relationship grow. “These two always sleep better together,” Geiger posted on Instagram, “Wherever it is they sleep in this house, it’s always together and that’s all that matters to them.”

“He keeps a close eye on his girl and mopes around when they’re not together,” Geiger said. “Their bond is so very special and we feel blessed to witness this love as they grow together and adventure through life.”


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