A Serviceman Is Reunited With His 4-Legged Battlefield Buddy


Army sergeant Tom Hansen anxiously waited at the Boise, Idaho airport, for an old friend named Taylor. The two had been separated for two years. And thanks to a kind-hearted woman, the serviceman was about to be reunited with his companion.

They were buddies in Afghanistan, rescuing attack victims. He protected her from firefights, and she kept him safe from bombs. Taylor saved so many American lives that the Taliban placed a bounty on her head.

Image by NBC News via YouTube

Taylor Is A Four-Legged Hero

And as soon as she emerges from the plane, the beautiful pale dog leaps into Hansen’s arms, The San Francisco Globe reports.

Image by NBC News via YouTube

Reuniting with his friend means that the picture is now complete for Hansen.

“It’s like a part of me has been missing,” Hansen told NBC News. “Getting her back now, it’ll make me whole again.”

Like so many soldiers before him, Hansen had to leave Taylor behind when he returned home, WeLoveAnimals reports. Tay-Tay (as she’s affectionately known) bided her time in a military kennel until she could be reunited with her best friend.

Image by NBC News via YouTube video

And that’s where Molli Oliver comes in. Oliver, a flight attendant with United Airlines, reunites the dogs with their handlers. It’s a personal goal for her, and she’s brought Taylor and Hansen back together again.

“I love the dogs, and I love my military that’s taken care of my freedom my whole life, so it’s a win-win to combine the two,” she said.

Reuniting a serviceman and his pooch can be costly and lengthy, so Oliver travels all over the country reuniting people and pooches at her own expense. The reunion between Hansen and Taylor is the fifth one she’s done so far. And Hansen is so grateful that he’s helping her form a nonprofit that will allow her to keep going. In fact, Hansen and Oliver have the crowd-funding page, Reuniting Battle Buddies through YouCaring.

You can watch the heartwarming story of a serviceman and his pup unfold in the video below.

Featured image by NBC News via YouTube video

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