King Cavalier Dies After Eating A 'Natural' Dog Treat, Owner Is Devastated

When you give your dog a treat it is the most exciting part of their day. As soon as they hear the word “TREAT” they usually come sprinting to your feet in excitement. For Katy Wilson’s pooch, there was no exception.

When Katy Wilson fed her King Cavalier Spaniel, Jilly, a duck neck treat, she thought nothing of it. The treat was even labeled natural. Therefore the dog owner was even more inclined to give her pup the healthy treat. What happened next to her beloved pet after eating this particular treat, she would have never seen coming.

After about five days Katy began to notice a change in her King Cavalier Spaniel. The dog started vomiting incessantly. Not too long after, the poor pup began to have diarrhea and also pain and anxiety every time she would try to sit down.

Wilson knew she had to do something for Jilly, so she took her to the vet. When they arrived Wilson demanded an X-ray. The X-ray showed that Jilly had pieces of bone in her intestines. This meant that the pup would need surgery and soon. Unfortunately, the doctors didn’t get to do the surgery quick enough, and the families dog passed away.

Wilson commented,

“They treated her but she couldn’t handle it, she couldn’t cope.She went within hours. We think one of the bones perforated something.”

She added,

“I’m absolutely devastated and I’m angry. [Jilly] was such a lovely dog. But her story needs to be told. If I can save just one other dog from dying by warning others of the dangers of these treats, I will do her proud.”

Now Wilson has strong beliefs about warning signs. She hopes that they take this particular treat off the market and anything else that is close to it. She also said,

“Every dog owner should know about the dangers of feeding their pets these ‘natural’treats. I think they should be taken off the market, but at the very least they should have warning signs on the back of the packaging.”

Make sure to check the labels on your dogs treats. Share this with friends to bring awareness to this growing issue!

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