Kitten Hears Her Favorite Song–What She Does Is Adorably Amazing

Everyone has a go-to song, something that you can’t help but dance to when it comes on. Or even sing if you’re really brave or alone in the car. Most often it’s pretty catchy, but even animals aren’t immune to the peppy vibes of music.

For this little kitten named Winnie, “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars is her absolute favorite! This song comes on, and she is ready to dance and jam out to it.

Winnie, The Dancing Kitten

Winnie is a foster kitten who was adopted from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. This welfare league makes it their mission to improve the lives of animals. This is clear in the way that they host animals like Winnie in foster homes until they’re adopted.

Ever since her foster family uploaded this video, she has been stealing hearts! She has also been gaining a lot of attention from social media fans. Needless to say, this little cutie is living the good life.

It’s possible that Winnie’s dance moves are guided by treats or toys, but she’s too adorable to ignore. I think we can forget that for a moment to enjoy this kitty’s moves.

“Uptown Funk,” an easy to recognize song, comes on and her head starts bobbing back and forth to the intro’s beat. She lays down, but the head bopping continues to the beat and the vocals.

She slowly sits back up, right in time to lead into the chorus. The video doesn’t show the whole song, but it’s long enough to get an idea of just how cute she is.

It’s no wonder that Winnie has been adopted with having such a vibrant personality! The video has over 3 million views now on YouTube. If you want to continue to follow Winnie, she even has a Facebook page!

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