Kitten Escapes Display to be Reunited With Her Lonely Dog Friend

Friendship has no bounds, or barriers, as one kitten shows us by escaping her display case. The cute video captured at JoLinn Pet House, in Taiwan, shows a kitten and a puppy separated by a plastic barrier. Rather than accept their lonely fate, the kitten took things into her own paws. The clever kitten hatches a sweet little plan to reunite with her friend. Nothing is better than watching friends being reunited. When this kitten escapes her case, the world smiled.

Kitten escapes to join her friend

Image from website Imgur

Puppies and kittens are highly sociable creatures. Unfortunately, in pet stores they often have to face isolation in their display cases/cages. Instead of buying a pet – even though they need love too – it is suggested to adopt instead. Instead of facing her isolation, this kitten decided to break from her ‘jail cell’ and join her friend.

She jumps up in the most adorable way like any clumsy fluffball. The pooch couldn’t hold his excitement as she hangs precariously on the edge of the case.

Balancing on the edge isn’t an easy feat when you have little claws and soft paws…

Image via screencapture from Facebook video

…but the kitten doesn’t give up, even as the puppy jumps up in excitement. She wanted desperately someone to play with. Her puppy neighbor seemed like the best idea.

Image from website Imgur

The kitten climbed right over to the puppies cage. He couldn’t have been more happy to see her. In her mind she was probably thinking; “This wasn’t my best idea.” as she scrambled from one side to the next. Just one more big jump and she’s inches from danger. After her leap of faith, the puppy is very excited to have his friend with him. He yips with happiness, sniffing and licking the kitten.

Finally reunited, and they couldn’t be happier.

Image via screencapture from Facebook video

These two prove that no animal should be alone. Just like humans, they’re sociable by nature. Hopefully someone saw this video and decided to adopt both animals together. To witness this cuteness for yourself, check out the video below. Always remember, adopt and rescue animals before you decide to buy them.


Posted by JoLinn Pet House 爵靈寵物 on Sunday, June 26, 2016

Featured Image via screencapture from Facebook video

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