Kitten found nearly dead in a hoarder’s home


Unfortunately, along with things, hoarders also hoard animals. This means that a lot of hoarders often have many creatures living in their house. The sad part is since they have so many animals they cannot properly take care of them. Nikki Martinez hopes to save the cats in Las Vegas trapped in these types of environments.

Recently, Martinez and her husband have rescued almost 70 cats at hoarding houses. They own a foster house for cats in need of help and most of all love.


During their time at a hoarders house, the couple came across several dead cats. Fortunately, Martinez’s husband, also known as “Foster Papi,” found one living kitten. This kitten was buried deep in a pile of junk. After hours of trying to save the kitten, “Foster Papi” got the kitten out.

Once they brought the tiny kitten back to the foster home, the pair tried to get Jolly, which they named her, back to health. She would not grow, which worried the Martinez.


They tried everything, but the kitten’s weight would not change. Jolly stayed about 2 pounds the entire time they had her. So the couple decided to take her to the vets.


Fortunately, the vet knew exactly what was wrong with the adorable cat. Since Jolly was living in a hoarder home, she was never properly fed. So the vet prescribed her digestive enzyme medicine. As soon as Jolly began to take the medicine, she ate and played normally.

Martinez comments,


“She said because of the horrible conditions she was living in prior to coming to me, she was starving and her body lacked proper nutrients when she needed it the most.”


Luckily for this sweet kitten, she no longer has to worry about living in a hoarders house. Now she can live a normal life, thanks to the Martinez.

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