Kitten has been Rejected for so long, your heart will melt when he sees his new dad for the first time

For most animal lovers, we rescue animals because it’s the right thing to do. We don’t rescue animals in the hopes of receiving accolades, likes on social media, or attention. Instead, we rescue animals because we are their last line of defense. We rescue animals because they are living beings that deserve every chance we can give them. We can hope for a good reaction from the animals we save, but even that’s not assured.

When Michael Stroebel rescued a tiny week-old kitten, he did it because it was the right thing to do. He had no idea what the little kitties reaction to him might be. Though, if everyone thought rescuing animals was this rewarding, there wouldn’t be a single animal left on the street.


We want you to meet Michael’s fur baby named Jasper cat. Michael found Jasper cat when he was barely a week old.

Image from VetsMart via Facebook

Of course, since Jasper was only a week old at the time, he required round-the-clock care. Michael spent many nights woken up every couple of hours to make sure that Jasper had enough milk to survive.


By the time Micheal snapped the photo above, Jasper was already so loving he started waking up his parents through the night for a whole different reason — he wanted to give them kisses.

Image from Michael Stroebel-Provost via Facebook

Knowing all this about Jasper cat, it’s easy to imagine his reaction upon his rescuer returning home.


Even though we know what to expect, we have watched this video at least a dozen times already. Seeing the pure joy from Jasper cat is heartwarming in the extreme. Just check out the video below.

It’s obvious Jasper is fully aware of who rescued him, and he makes sure to thank Michael every single day. We can’t guarantee a rescue animal will have this reaction to you. However, we can promise that it sure is likely if only you give a little furbaby in need a chance it deserves.

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Featured Image Screenshot from Michael Stroebel via YouTube Video

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