Kitten With Seizures Can't Walk, Until Unique Friend Shows Up The Two Form Unexpected Bond

Sriracha an orphaned black kitten has met her best friend in the whole world.   The friendship may just seem like any other cute pairing but this relationship gets even more special when you learn how this friend helps Sriracha.

Meet 2 week Batman the piglet.  He and Sriracha live in New Jersey at Rancho Relaxo.  Sriracha suffers from a neurological disorder called Feline cerebellar hypoplasia also known as CH. CH causes seizures and makes it difficult for Sriracha to walk and stand upright.

Caitlin Cimini, founder of Rancho Relaxo explains how the piglet provides both friendship and comfort for the kitten. “I swear, he knows she has had a bad couple of days and feels the need to comfort her,” Cimini says. Workers at Rancho Relaxosay that right before Sriracha is about to have a seizure, Batman somehow knows and runs over to comfort her.

From the video, you can see how the piglet wastes no time in comforting his friend when she needs it. He is very assertive and gentle at the same time by pressing his body against hers.

Sriracha returns the favor in her own special way.  Cimini explains, “Sriracha gives Batman a bath every single day.  They truly love each other so much. It is so moving.” You can see from the video that the feelings that the cat and piglet have for each other are mutual.

Enjoy this cute video of one of the cutest couples online. The two have become a big hit on Instagram and I can see why.  They also have been covered by Inside Edition.  It will be interesting to watch if the friendship continues to flourish as the two become adults.

 From the looks of how the relationship is starting out, I’d say their chances of a lasting relationship are very good.

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