Kitten Victimized By Shocking Cruelty Is Living The Good Life Now

You don’t really need Halloween to prove that monsters exist, and pets are often innocent victims of these sick individuals. And one morning in early October, Chuck Hawley was confronted with this cruelty in reality while driving to work in Silverton, Oregon, TheAnimalRescueSite reports. He was upset when he saw a tiny kitten sitting up in the middle of the road with no one stopping to save her.

“I was driving to work and saw cars in front of me passing over something in the road, and realized it was a kitten sitting upright and shaking like a leaf,” Hawley said.

Rescuing A Terrified Kitten From Horrible Cruelty

Hawley noticed she couldn’t seem to move and knew he needed to do something before she came to real harm, LoveMeow reports. Turning on his hazard lights, he stopped traffic and rushed to grab the kitten. To his horror, he realized the poor baby was covered in glue.

“She was wet, freezing and literally glued to the road,” he said.

He worked painstakingly to pry her from the pavement. She shivered in the cold, so he tucked her into his jacket and headed for his vehicle. Once they were inside, he noticed her poor little paws were sore.

She was a victim of cruelty, but now life is sweet for this beautiful kitten. Screenshot by Inside Edition via YouTube video

When they arrived home, it was time for a warm bath and a decent meal. After that, the adorable kitten felt much better.

“We don’t know who put her there or how long she was there, but she was wet and cold and had leaves stuck to her,” Hawley said.

The next step was to take her to the Silver Creek Animal Clinic. Here, the staff removed the rest of the glue and rubbed her little paws with mineral oil. Her trauma was over and she clung to Hawley and purred.

And Chuck took to Facebook to vent his frustrations at the selfish drivers who refused to help this terrified baby. Really, it’s horrible enough that some sicko did this but surely some of these people could have taken the time to help. Shame on them!

Now this beautiful kitten was safe

On the way home, the five-week-old kitten crawled into his lap and fell asleep. She didn’t have to be afraid anymore. And now she spends her days cuddling up with the family’s two dogs. It’s just too adorable!

Chuck knew right from the start that he and his family now had a new cat. As happenstance would have it, they’d already been talking about getting a cat before discovering this little sweetie. So it seems that fate stepped in.

“She could have found an easier way to find us but she found us,” Hawley said. “And we are definitely keeping her.”

And thanks to Chuck’s wife, this adorable ball of kitty cuteness has an especially appropriate name: Welcome to your new life, Sticky!

But there was one more major surprise for everyone

Color us surprised too! Nevertheless, we can’t resist adding a few more cute photos:

Okay, okay…just one more:

You can also help catch the person who did this. Sign the petition here.

Watch this kitty’s story unfold in the video below.

Featured Image by Chuck Hawley via Sticky The Kitty/Facebook

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