Kittens Are Literally Thrown Out Of A Moving Car, Shelter Is Looking For Your Help

Sadly many cats are on the streets, homeless, needing to find a home. Even worse cats are abandoned by their families, to fend for themselves. In this case, the kittens were literally kicked and thrown out of the car at the shelter.

This story is the more heartbreaking than both these scenarios. AWSOM animal shelter in Stroudsburg PA routinely checks their cameras. They wondered why there were three kittens outside the shelter one day so they watched the tape. While they were checking they noticed something particularly startling. What they watched was unforgivable, someone threw three kittens out the window of a moving car. This awful incident occurred about a half an hour before the shelter had opened.

The Board President for the AWSOM animal shelter, Sarah Fellin, commented,

One of our volunteers was coming up and saw three kittens just on the end of the driveway and every now and then we do get people who dump things, and we are like, ‘Oh no, not again.’ We do have security cameras and we always pull up to see what might have happened and we saw that horrific, just very sad video.”

The shelter was devastated by the footage. Sarah added,

“Not only did they not go out and nicely place these cats, they literally took these cats, opened the door, kicked the first two out into the grass, then took the third one and threw it alongside and took off. It just breaks your heart and it’s not the way to treat animals.”

Even though the shelter had no room for any more cats, they made arrangements.

 “No worries though. After being treated so disgustingly, our staff quickly recovered all 3 precious souls and named them Flo, Florence and Flora. Even though we are way over capacity and very overwhelmed with so many unwanted cats already, these girls are fed, loved and tucked in, snug as bugs in rugs for the night. They will never be thrown away again.”

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the kind cats. Fellin explained,

 “They were obviously home pets…So if you were or had these animals and loved them that long, how can you possibly kick them out and throw them out literally across the yard? It’s just so disturbing.”

If you can identify the vehicle in the photo please notify the shelter immediately.  Share this with as many people as you can and bring these cats some justice.

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