This Kitten's Nose Swelled Up–Vet Notices The Horrible Truth

Agreeable to any pet owner, having a pet brings lots of fun and joy to a family. Sometimes, it gets to be quite a handful. Having an animal means taking care of its every need. They need trips to the vet, lots of food, cuddles, kisses, and toys.

Sometimes even if you have the utmost care for your pet, things can still go wrong.

One day in Nebraska, an owner saw their sweet kitten’s nose swelled up. Instantly, they became alarmed. They took her straight to the vet to find the problem.

The poor kitty looked like something was terribly wrong. Her swollen nose shocked the vet when she saw it.

Soon, the medical team discovered the surprising news. The cat had a cuterebra, a type of parasite, in its nose. Typically cuterebra target wild animals for their host. Cats commonly come into contact with the parasite when they are hunting rodents or rabbits and encounter the botfly near the entryway to their burrow.

 The cat seemed barely able to keep her head up. Luckily, the vet successfully removed the parasite from her nose. The doctor posted on Twitter that the kitten was doing well and recovering.The picture below shows her after her surgery to remove the parasite.

”These parasites do not look for animals, but when an animal walks around, the parasite can put eggs and hatch it as an answer to the host’s body heat. An egg can also be leaked, get into the nose or stuck in an open wound,” explains the veterinarians.

This could happen to any animal while they are walking around or just sleeping. We must pay attention to anything abnormal on our pets and immediately take them to the vet for care. Watch the video below to see the kitten’s nose being taken care of!

Imagine how hard this was for the poor kitten! Share this story with your friends to save another sweet little kitty from this pain!

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