Kittens Slept All Day He Couldn't Figure Out Why So He Set Up Camera, This Is Hilarious

For the most part, most humans sleep at night unless they are working the night shift.  Cats, on the other hand, are nocturnal.  It is normal for a cat to be active at night around your house.  In the wild,

In the wild, the night is the best time to hunt. With eyes that are designed to allow them to have good vision no matter what the level of light it is, cats are made perfectly for roaming the dark nights in the wilderness in search of dinner or in the case of domestic cats, roaming your house.

One man that goes by the name of “Cat Man Chris” was fostering 4 kittens that were rescued from a nearby abandoned property.  He decided to set up a night camera to capture what the little fur balls were doing at night.  The footage that he captured is anything but boring.  Kittens are jumping to and fro, playing with boxes and having a grand ole time.

 The video is adorable and entertaining to watch.

If you enjoyed this video, you can watch more cat videos from Chris by visiting his you tube channel here.  Chris has a wide range of feline videos ranging from documenting rescued kittens to silly to lions and tigers.   Chris films many of the videos in his house but also takes his camera on the road to film other cat homes.

All of the videos are very cute and entertaining.

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