Kittens Were Thrown Out Like Garbage, One Person May Have Saved Their Life

It was garbage night in Brooklyn, New York and just like other suburbs on garbage night there were trash cans and trash bags that reeked of rotten food, dirty diapers and who know what else sitting on the curbs of just about every house.

That night the police station received a 911 call about four tiny kittens who were found in a tied trash bag. Someone had just discarded these innocent babies as if they were garbage.

The NYPD rushed to the scene where these little kittens were. Sadly, one of the kittens had already died, but there were still three that needed to be saved. They brought the three quickly to the Animal Recovery Center for medical attention.

The kittens received round the clock care from the staff, being bottle fed and treated for dehydration. The kittens were also given a bath, groomed and given lots of playtime and love.

Staff named the kittens Elmo, Bert, and Oscar. These innocent little babies were weak and thrown out like trash days ago are now growing and thriving like none of that ever happened.  Soon…

… the kittens were old enough so they were taken to the Adoption Center.  They play and frolic all day long while they are waiting for their forever home.

“Tossing away four innocent kittens like garbage is an unthinkable act,” said Howard Lawrence, Vice President of the ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement team.

Luckily for these kittens, a phone call was the difference between life and death.  Bert, Elmo, and Oscar were fortunate to survive.  All because one person decided to become a hero that day.

UPDATE:  Bert has found a home, Elmo and Oscar are still waiting.  They are too adorable!  It won’t take them long to find a loving caring home where they won’t be treated like garbage.

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