Kittens thrown out in the freezing cold, wait in snow bank for someone to rescue them


Just a few short days ago in Campbell County, Virginia, rescuers found a cage full of cats dumped in the snow. Somebody left their twelve kittens out to die in the freezing cold. Lucky for these kittens, someone walking by saw the cage sticking out of a mound of snow and stopped to find out what was happening.


Inside the cage, she saw six cats and saw six tiny kittens outside of the cage. Right away, she called Friends of Campbell County Animal Control (FOCCAC) to help.

Upon arrival, rescuers found a heartbreaking scene. Laying in the snow, they saw four kittens not moving. The six cats inside the cage appeared soaked and shivering. The rescuers gathered up the kittens to take them to the closest shelter. On the way there, they warmed the kittens up by using towels, hot water bottles, and even their shirts.

Because of the help of the volunteers, the kittens dried off and began grooming themselves. Once they are fully healthy, all kittens will be up for adoption to find a happy, and warm forever home.


Just a few pics of the kittens all cleaned up for the holidays.

Why why why would you just throw these precious kitties away like garbage?



 I hope they find out who did that to those babies. So glad they’re ok now

If you are looking for a new addition to your family contact Friends of Campbell County Animal Control (FOCCAC)  to help these 3 little kittens.

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