Kitty Drags Her Crushed Foot To Man For Help, But He Recognizes What's Wrong

Animals getting hit and run over seemed to be a regular occurrence. Some walk out of the incident almost completely fine while others are not so lucky. This kitten seemed to not be too lucky. This poor kitten’s left back foot got crushed very badly. She drug her foot around day by day. Begging for help, she finally got the help she searched for. When this man sees her, he lifted up her leg. What he saw broke his heart.

Taking a closer look, he became in shock. He discovered she drug around her completely rotten leg. Since her leg was run over, quite some time passed by. During that time, her leg died and rotted. To live like this for such a long time, this kitten must have had so much courage.

Watch the video and see him help this sweet kitten!

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