This Koala Was Dangerously Dehydrated, Cyclist Comes To Rescue

The Drought In Australia Has Been Putting Koalas In Danger

During a drought, it’s easy to see the damage to the flora around us. Plants go dormant or die. But what about the animals? In Australia, a koala was suffering from dehydration during a recent drought, until a cyclist stopped to help, offering the wild marsupial a drink from the cyclist’s own water bottle.

For koalas, dehydration is a huge problem. As with humans, it can be a life-threatening problem, but for our marsupial friends, this can be a direct or an indirect issue. Because dehydration weakens koalas, it makes them all the more vulnerable to predators.

Not only is dehydration problematic for these adorable critters, but it’s quite common during the summer. Koalas get their hydration from their food, mainly eucalyptus leaves. They only drink water rarely. Drought can cause a decreased supply of eucalyptus though, which is one of the leading causes of dehydration for koalas.

To make matters worse, Australia naturally has a dry climate. It’s also warm, so it’s harder for animals to maintain their hydration. When it’s not dry, koalas’ food sources are depleted by deforestation.

This lucky koala survived another day because a passing cyclist decided to share a drink. Check it out in this video:

Sources: The Chive, Koala Info

Images Source: Pixabay

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