Lady Loads Up Her Honda With Unexpected Friend To Escape Fire, Her Sister Can't Believe It

When Lauren Mesaros was forced to evacuate her California home due to a rapidly spreading wildfire, she needed to quickly get her 3 miniature horses out also.  Two of her horses hitched a ride in a friend’s horse trailer, but there was no room for Stardust, the 3rd horse.  So Mesaros did the next most rational thing.

She loaded him in the backseat of her Honda Accord. Mesaro’s friend, Carol Spear who already had the 2 onboard in her trailer, helped with the loading. “We looked at each other and looked at the mini horse and said, ‘Whelp, put him in the Honda,’” Mesaros said.

The two friends coaxed the horse in by dangling a carrot along with some gentle nudging.

 “He just went in like a big dog.  As a horse owner, we didn’t think twice about it. It’s like putting your dog or cat in the car,” Mesaros said.

Horses can get frightened easily.  In order to help to keep Stardust calm, Mesaros sang to him.  The singing and the presence of his loving human must have helped.  Stardust was an excellent passenger for the duration of the trip.  All three horses are now safe and sound at Windhorse Ranch in Sebastopol.

It did not take long for this sweet story to circulate like it’s own little wildfire on social media.  A neighbor took a photo of Stardust in the back seat.  It was then shared by Mesaro’s sister in law on Facebook.  It has since become shared over 17,000 times!

More Photos Surface

Two other people commented that they also had the same evacuation ide

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re horse and donkey in their backseats also.

Thankfully, with some fast thinking that these equine owners displayed, all the backseat drivers made it out safely.

“My car will never smell the same again,” she said.

So what do you think about this rescue?  Would you let horses ride in your backseat under these circumstances?  Don’t forget to share this if you liked it.

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