Last Dog at the Shelter, 'Captivated Our Hearts'.

Eastwood, the only dog left at a Michigan animal shelter after pet adoption day last month has finally met his new family. After becoming an overnight Facebook sensation Eastwood has finally met his new family.

Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy saw the story about Eastwood, a 1-year-old special needs pup,—who has a deformed leg,  requiring surgery. The shelter said there were more than 80 applications submitted for Eastwood, but it ultimately matched the Van Gundy Family with him.

The Van Gundy family picked up their new family member Tuesday morning.

“We are so grateful to the Van Gundy family for the awareness they are bringing to adoption and for opening their hearts to make a difference that will change Eastwood’s life forever,” remarked Cathy Bissell, founder of BISSELL Pet Foundation.

After they were informed of the decision, Kim Van Gundy again went to Facebook to celebrate. She wrote, “WELCOME TO THE VAN GUNDY FAMILY, EASTWOOD!!!

See their first meeting right here!  Great ending for a dog who was dumped off at the shelter with a bleak future in site.  Congratulations to the Van Gundy’s and Eastwood.

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