Law Makes It Illegal To Leave Dogs Outside In Extreme Temperatures

We, as humans, don’t want to spend a ton of time outside when it’s extremely hot or cold. The same could possibly be said for our beloved pets. Now, there is a law that aims to make sure pet owners keep their dogs safe from temperatures. Libre’s Law was passed by Governor Tom Wolf on June 29, 2017. It states that there will be more severe penalties on those convicted of certain types of animal cruelty.  So named because of an abused dog found in Lancaster County in 2016. Basically, if you’re charged, you could find yourself in serious legal trouble.

New Pennsylvania law makes leaving animals in cold felony

Image via screen capture from YouTube video

Dogs will finally get the protection they deserve. Signed in Pennsylvania House Bill 1238 makes it a felony for residents to leave their dogs outside in the cold. It states that dogs cannot be left outside in temperatures below 32 degrees or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. No more than 30 minutes and with supervision. These added protections are a part of the bill that requires better conditions for dogs tethered, outdoor dogs. Dogs need fresh water, shade and clean shelter to maintain an adequate body temperature all year round.

“For far too long we have heard stories of neglected and abused animals who suffered because of deplorable treatment, and with our new landmark anti-cruelty legislation in place, penalties will be enforced for individuals who abuse or neglect an animal,” said Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, who championed the legislation.

Check out Libre’s story here;

Penalties for Act 10

The penalties range from as low as $50 to $750. Not to mention, those who repeat offend can spend time in jail –  up to seven years in jail and/or a $15,000 fine for a third-degree felony on aggravated cruelty charges.

Residents are urged to call 911 if they see dogs being mistreated, or abused, this winter.

“You would hope that pet owners would treat their animals with decency and provide them with a safe and healthy home environment, but sadly, that isn’t always the case,” said state Sen. Jim Holzapfel, one of the bill’s sponsors. “We must protect these animals and show that this kind of treatment will not be tolerated.”

Image via screen capture from YouTube video

Hopefully, this prompts other states to do the same and step up to protect animals. Here’s the news report on the bill passed to protect dogs against extreme weather. Note: Officer Tobin accidentally misquotes the law in the video when saying 20 minutes rather than 30 minutes.

Featured Image via screen capture from website We Love Animals

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