Legit Tidbits You Never Knew About Your Dog, 20 Of The Most Epic Facts

A long time ago a human gave a Dog the nickname of “mans’ best friend.”  Dogs and their loving, loyal, friendly, and kind personalities become another member of the family.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”

~ Josh Billings

20. Puppy In Training

A dog typically takes 18 months to be fully trained. That means a lot of practice and patience.  Some people train guide dogs in a very specific way.  Dogs can be trained to sit, stay, roll over but some get training to become Service Dogs.  Trainers train dogs to judge the environment, traffic conditions, and other things to make sure their human will be safe.  To honor guide dogs, we included an international day of recognition.

19. Poop Business

Every dog owner knows, that dog poop seems to be around and can be quite an annoyance to clean up. But in Victorian London, people received pay for collecting dog poop. It was then used to tan leather. How nasty!

18. No Shame

After being yelled at, dogs often get a sad “puppy face” look to them. Contrary to what people believe, dogs feel no guilt. However, when confronted by the Alpha, they become submissive

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