Lifelong partner dies, how this horse reacts at his funeral is heartbreaking

Wagner Lima, a 34-year-old cowboy from Paraiba, Brazil, died in a traffic accident. Friends say he was a beloved neighbor and friend in his community and his death was felt by all that knew him.

One friend joining the attendees that day was Wagner’s beloved horse, Sereno. Everyone who knew Lima knew Sereno, the two were inseparable.

Slowly the coffin is brought out and Sereno starts sobbing and whinnying as if he recognizes that Lima is gone.  Sereno then shocked attendees, even more, when he stomped his hooves and continued to whinny.

Wagner, was a semi-professional cowboy who worked in rodeos with Soreno for almost 10 years. His brother told us that Lima would stop buying things for himself to make sure the horse had food.

Soreno will go to live with Lima’s brother, Wando and his family. ” It is an honor to take care of the animal my brother cherished.”

When the time came to say goodbye the horse knew exactly what to do which was to sniff his friend’s casket then gently lay his head on it.  Everyone was in tears.  If you know someone who doubts that animals have feelings, share this video with them.

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