Little Boy Drops Off Puppy In A Box Outside A School, Leaves A Heartbreaking Note

It was a cold November evening in Detroit, Michigan when a janitor at a local school was inside cleaning a building. Suddenly he heard a loud knock at the door and peered out the window. He could see a little boy running away quickly, The Dodo reports.

Exactly how beautiful is this little puppy? Screenshot by My Pets via YouTube video

So he opened the door. And found a cardboard box with a note taped to it.

“Sorry it didn’t have a home, and it was cold so were going to give it to you,” the plaintive note said. “Please do let it go find it a new home. Thank you.”

A Scared Puppy Cowered In The Box

This was one scared little puppy. Screenshot by My Pets via YouTube video

But the janitor knew just what to do.

He knew a teacher who loves dogs, WeLoveAnimals reports. She provided the beautiful mostly black puppy with a temporary home and a new name: Snowflake. Now Snowflake had everything she needed. But the teacher wasn’t able to keep little Snowflake, so she contacted Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue. This organization specializes in helping the homeless, sick, and injured dogs in the Detroit area.

“She was so cute,” said Theresa Sumpter, the organization’s founder, and director, in an interview with The Dodo. “I guess this child had wanted a better life for the puppy. We’ve never been able to make contact with him, but it looked like he was trying to take care of the puppy.”

The young boy also provided a blanket for sweet Snowflake, as well as dog food and slices of lunch meat.

“He actually poked holes in the box so the puppy could breathe,” Sumpter said.

Sumpter and the staff hoped to find her a home before Christmas, and Snowflake was given the necessary vaccinations. And posted adorable photos of the tiny seven-and-a-half week old pup:

With photos this cute, it wasn’t long before Snowflake was adopted. Thanks to the concerns of a kind little boy who wanted the best for this puppy, she now has a wonderful home where she’s receiving all the love she needs.

You can watch Snowflake’s story in the video below.

Featured image by My Pets via YouTube video

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