Little Dog Is Found On The Streets Right Before Her Puppies Are Born She Needed A Home

The little chihuahua was not only covered in fleas and homeless, she was also pregnant.  It was 100 degrees in Los Angeles as the dog later named Bridgette walked the streets.

False Hope

A caring person took pity on the dog and brought her in out of the sweltering heat.  Bridgette was in the last stage of pregnancy and in bad shape.  The individual tried to cure her fleas but unfortunately bought the wrong kind of chemicals to use.  Then if that wasn’t bad enough, after just a few days, Bridgette became homeless again when the person’s landlord found out about the dog.

Help is On the Way

Just in the nick of time, an organization called The Forgotten Dog Foundation heard about Bridgette. They took her in and treated her fleas properly.  When they got her, they said she smelled of chemicals that are used to treat human lice problems, not dog’s fleas.

Now even bigger than ever, with labor on the way Bridgette and her puppies had a chance.  Linzi Glass, the executive director of The Forgotten Dog Foundation explains, “It was very obvious to anyone that saw her that she was very pregnant.  She had a huge abdomen. She was only a few days away from giving birth when we got her.”

Thankfully, Bridgette was placed into the care of a foster home. She gave birth to 4 healthy puppies. Bridgette and the puppies will all be placed up for adoption once weaning has happened.  This story might not have had such a happy ending if it weren’t for the caring people at The Forgotten Dog Foundation.

Chihuahuas make up half of the dog population in California shelters.  Glass explains why, “Chihuahuas originated from the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, and made their way across the border. There are so many in California because many of them do not get spayed/neutered, like Bridgette.”

If you are interested in donating to The Forgotten Dog Foundation so that they can continue to provide care for forgotten dogs like Bridgette, click here.

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