Little Dog Uses Big Dog As Transportation, His Reaction is Adorable

A 2 year old, tiny and energetic , Bella is constantly on the move looking for adventures.  But when you are a little dog sometimes you just need a lift.

For Bella it’s her best friend Hank, a 10 year old retriever.  “They absolutely love each other.”  says Bella’s Mom.

When Bella was just a pup she learned quickly that Hank was much bigger then her.  So whether it’s napping or begging for treats Hank allows her to climb up on him.  It’s like they are two parts of the same dog (even their coats are the same color).

They Nap Together At Least Once A Day!

Most Dogs Wouldn’t Endure Having Another Dog On Their Head!

But Hank Is A Good Sport and Loves His Time With Bella!

Retrievers are loyal with a gentle disposition, and that definitely comes shining through on a daily basis with these two.  If you fell in love with these two like and share with all your pet loving friends.

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