Little Donkey Has Internal “Identity Crisis” And It Has The Internet In Hysterics

Having an identity crisis can often be hard. The same goes for animals. Like humans, animals learn about their identities through interaction with their species. Our mannerisms are formed by those around us. This is how our pets personalities are formed, through the behavioral patterns they adopt from us.

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This is exactly what happened with the donkey named Tiny Tim. His “identity crisis” makes him think he’s a dog. Life for Tiny Tim wasn’t always easy. He was born smaller than usual. Regular donkeys are born at 50-60 pounds, but Tiny Time was born at less than 10 pounds.

“When I found Tiny Tim in the barn, I thought it was actually a rabbit,” Tim’s human mother explained to The Dodo. “He was so small.”

Image via screencapture from video via YouTube

Because of his size, he had some health complications. The vet did some tests on the little donkey and came to the conclusion that Tiny Tim had a liver that wasn’t functioning properly. They were doubtful he’d live very long. His mother, however, was determined to see him get better.

“I decided that I would give him the best chance I could by bringing Tiny in the house and nursing him, feeding him by bottle.” Over time he got stronger, his owners happy that he hadn’t given up.

Image via screencapture from video via YouTube

Of course, Tiny Tim has an unusual “identity.”


This little donkey thinks he is a dog! Though he is recovering remarkably well, he had to stay in the house. The original plan was to have him mingle with their barnyard animals. “I initially hoped that we could reintroduce him outside, but because of his size he would definitely be killed even by a real small donkey or a very small horse.”

Instead, they decided to keep him inside, away from the bigger animals. Now that he was an indoor animal, his training was about to start. Potty training was the most important part of his training. Tiny Tim’s mother taught him to go outside at the same time as their dogs to pee.

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After a time, Tiny Tim got used to the commands and lined up at the door with the dogs. “He was so much easier than a dog to train,” his mother remarked at how eager he was to learn.


Now that he is used to inside life, Tiny Tim wouldn’t give it up for anything. Even if it means he has an “identity crisis.” He loves to spend his days snuggling with his mama, or licking the dirty plates in the sink. Tiny Tim also loves affection!

One of his favorite pastimes is playing with his pillow. Pillow fights with his dad are the best. Not only that, he loves to take the pillows and hide them.

His most dog-like behavior is getting excited when his owners return home. “When I was away a couple days,” the donkey’s mom shared, “I came home, and he greeted me, and he was circling me and honking and going on really excited.”

Image via screencapture from video via YouTube


It comes as no surprise that our surroundings have a major impact on our identities. Because he spends all his time around dogs, it is no wonder Tiny Tim thinks he is one. He is constantly putting smiles on his owner’s faces.  “He’s a very confused little man. He doesn’t know what he is.” Check out the video below to see why he thinks he is a dog.

Featured Image via screencapture from video via YouTube

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