Little Girl Brought Best Friends In Her Backpack, Teacher Wasn't Expecting This

Teachers of young children know that there are no typical school days.  Each day is filled with surprises, small victories when children learn something new and sometimes even tears.  Primary grade teachers need to be prepared for anything to happen in the course of a day.  Teacher Anna Kate Hood though was totally unprepared for what one of her students had hidden in her backpack.

“They tell teachers to be prepared for anything, but I was not ready to open a book bag this morning and find two kittens,” Anna Kate Hood shared on her Facebook page.

“My student said she even put food in there and wanted to keep them at her desk to cuddle with after she finished her work. Gotta love first grade.”

Kittens Go Viral

Hood’s post has had 17,000 likes, 16,000 shares and almost 3,000 comments as of this writing. Apparently, many of the people commenting are wishing they had tried something as brilliant as this little girl’s idea.  Let’s face it. First grade is not all fun and games.  At least for me, I remember lots of long and boring hours ticking away with work coming in as fast as I’d finish it.  How fun it would have been to have some kittens to snuggle with during the course of the school day.

The comments on the post are entertaining to read.  Many can totally relate to this girl and the kitties she obviously adores.

I took my pet mouse to the circus with me when I was a kid. He stayed in my hat the whole time.

Others are sharing that they did attempt to bring in kittens to school when they were her age.  While others are saying how adorably cute this photo is.

Oh, how sweet and precious….

Whatever your take is on this story, one thing is for sure. Those kittens sure are cute and teachers of first grade really do need to be prepared for anything.

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